Thursday, June 14, 2012

At long last…

Finally, after years of upholding the shoemaker's daughter's tradition, I am delighted to introduce the official website, showcasing a representative sampling of the projects and range of my business, Jodi Luby & Company, Inc. To celebrate this milestone, I have given myself a new logo, with a nod to life in the country, while remaining committed to the JL&Co. signature clean and sophisticated look.

One of the toughest tasks of putting the site together was selecting which projects to show, so much good stuff and only so much navigation, what to do? Unfortunately the answer is edit. In most cases, for every project shown, there are a dozen left in the shadows of my backup drive, and having to pick favorites, many have been cruelly left behind. That said, it's a good look at what can be done, with many an update to come. Happy perusing!

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