Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here & Now

Welcome to 2011. Good riddance to 2010! I am working on lots of exciting projects and taking New Years resolutions seriously this year, starting with showing some of the exciting work I'm doing now. 

In packaging, I just completed the design, photography and production of the new cookie bar called Square Bites with friend and client Richard Marmet. This introduces a whole new category in the food world, a healthy nutritious cookie that tastes great. With Richard's encouragement I dove into the creation of his new line with gusto, using my former skills as a photographer combined with my experience as designer and Photoshop expert to develop an appealing and original package. The new website design will follow next.

Simultaneously, I updated the totally decadent (healthy if you consider indulgence good for your soul!) Armoire Chocolat with a new line of bars in five flavors plus two new truffles. I love these chocolates, the quality is top notch and Ellane is a pleasure to work with.
Which leads right in to the ongoing partnership with with my good friends Tim & Eliza. We are constantly tweaking, adding, brainstorming and improving both the newsletter and website. My redesign of the newsletter has brought significant increases in the traffic/sales, and the incentive bursts, postcards and features on the website are showing positive results. 

On the fine art side, delivered just in time for Christmas, a large portrait in graphite of the lovely Shepardson children, 30" x 24", drawn from my own original photo of the kids. It was a wonderful project and I'm going to miss looking into all their mischievous eyes as I work.

Upcoming: Regional wine labels for another good friend; web design for the up and coming interior designer Merilee Noorani, packaging and product development for the Big Cookie and much more.