Sunday, August 7, 2016

First Impressions

After an inspired time in Florida last winter, I am pleased to announce my first exhibit of etchings. I learned the process from my friend and teacher, master printer Ron Garrett at his studio Raga Press in Boca Raton. We began with linocuts, moved on to Plexiglass etching, then graduated to metal plates, first zinc then copper. It is a wonderful somewhat mysterious process that blends my hand craft skills with my drawing ability, and balances control with surprise in a great balance.

My printmaking pursuits were extended with a workshop in Hudson, NY at Inky Editions with Lisa Mackie, producing prints with yet another new technique called carborundum. All to be continued.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Spring fresh ideas…

It's taken just this long to fully come out of hibernation! The creative juices were not dormant however, and many projects new and revisited kept me busy in the endless winter here in the north west corner. On the revisit side, we are expanding and improving the HardCrack product line with new packaging, photography, promotion material and website (in progress).

The project has employed all my skills, design, photography and tasting (this stuff is really great, way too tempting having all the samples around the office). Confirming my affinity to packaging delicious sweets and confections.

On the west coast in Seattle, Armoire chocolatier Ellane Culhane Pirotte and her daughter Mara have opened a new cafe, for which I had the pleasure of creating a new logo and brand. We are developing signage for the storefront, packaging and a website. 
On the not for profit side, it's gardening time again, inspiring a new poster for the Salisbury Family Services community garden. Working on this project has certainly motivated me--I am now tending my own vegetable plot in my own back yard.
I was also honored to design, photograph and produce invitations for the SFS biannual benefit: 
Other not for profit work includes the development of a new logo for SHARE, 

invitations and program for Friends of Writers, and Women's Support Services holiday card. In addition to all the design projects, I also had my first one man exhibit of drawings at local cafe Fuel, in Great Barrington. Working with pens instead of pencil, a new lighter and more playful style has been capturing my interest lately. For the summer, looking forward to teaching Design 101 at IS183, please join me--and more to come!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Home Grown

In my continued effort to support the community (and its garden) I had a chance to mix up my favorite things: design, illustration and gardening! Plus I got to go through the motions of creating a poster sans computer (mostly), which was really fun. This will come in handy when I teach a two day workshop July 20 and 21st at the wonderful IS 183 Art School in Stockbridge, MA: An Introduction to Graphic Design. The class will focus on how to create a poster or invitation, and for the first class, no computers. Ideas, aesthetics and images will supersede technology for a change. For information go to The class is listed under Photography.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Designer, illustrator, artist? All of the above.

The faces of humanity, especially in children, who they are and the hints of who they may become continue to intrigue. Creating portraits from my original photographs expands with the addition of some new work.

This fall has also seen a rise in not-for-profit projects. Helping the community is rewarding and keeps things busy.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

At long last…

Finally, after years of upholding the shoemaker's daughter's tradition, I am delighted to introduce the official website, showcasing a representative sampling of the projects and range of my business, Jodi Luby & Company, Inc. To celebrate this milestone, I have given myself a new logo, with a nod to life in the country, while remaining committed to the JL&Co. signature clean and sophisticated look.

One of the toughest tasks of putting the site together was selecting which projects to show, so much good stuff and only so much navigation, what to do? Unfortunately the answer is edit. In most cases, for every project shown, there are a dozen left in the shadows of my backup drive, and having to pick favorites, many have been cruelly left behind. That said, it's a good look at what can be done, with many an update to come. Happy perusing!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

About April…

After a brief warm weather tease, like the season work is a little betwixt and between, finishing and starting, and reflecting on new directions all the while. Some clients are progressing to the next phase: Armoire Chocolat has opened a charming cafe in Seattle, Square Bites is introducing a new product, and Oxmoor House/Time Inc. is trying a very new and visually arresting approach to a new cookbook series. Here is a sampling of the winter work…

From modest beginnings of a few chocolate bars, Armoire Chocolat is blossoming into a fully realized business venture with a delicious line of pastries, confections, and of course chocolate.

Square Bites has developed an absolutely addicting toffee cookie (more flavors to come).
Logo and label design by Jodi Luby & Company.

Southern Living's "What's for Supper" direct marketing promotion will be in the mail by the end of the month.

On the portrait front, several in the works, this one complete.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New beginnings…

Starting September 21, 2011 Jodi Luby & Company will officially be based on beautiful Twin Lakes, in Salisbury, CT. After a lifetime in NYC I've decided to take full advantage of my ability to work from anywhere and greatly improve my office view, which will now overlook the lake and Berkshires. I will continue to serve my wonderful clients like Condé Nast and Time Inc. all over the country from California to Alabama to New York, with the same expertise and commitment, only perhaps without the stress of NYC in the background.

It has been a busy summer preparing for the move, but I still managed to produce some fun projects, including some new cookbook promotions for Southern Living/Time Inc. for the Southern Living Annual Cookbook and Christmas With Southern Living. Tasty!

Southern Living Annual Recipes 2011
Christmas With Southern Living
In addition, there will be a lot more drawing and portraiture in the future. Recent work includes the Meucke brothers Liam and Theo, to be followed soon by their sister Celilia.

More to come! Happy Fall.

The positive feedback from recent projects is rolling in. The redesigned is generating a 15% increase in response overall and 20% uptick in linked sales. The new format offers much more product placement and accessibility. The layout is proving to be flexible and functional. The combination, supported by Tim's excellent photography, is making for a winning combination.
The first mailing of the magalog direct mail piece was so successful that they are following up with an increased mailing of nearly a quarter of a million pieces. This was a piece Jodi Luby & Company created from concept through production in conjunction with the in-house writer, in addition to the 24 page slim jim magalog, an online interactive 'catalog' was also created.


Meanwhile, the websites and cookbooks must go on…current projects include the new and improved work in progress website, complete with new logo, new look and photography (some interior shots are by Jodi Luby, dusting off my photographer's hat). 

Simultaneously, (and in complete contrast) after creating a winning control last year, our second direct mail piece for the Oxmoor House/Gooseberry Patch Family Favorites cookbook is currently in production. And it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas—also in production is the update direct mail promotion for Christmas with Southern Living book, to be released in June.